Enumerate the features of an Economic census. How the recent Economic census will utilize digital methods for its recordings?

Economic Census is the complete record of all establishment located within the geographical boundary of India. Six Economic Censuses have been conducted by�the�Union Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation till date. The first Economic Census was undertaken in 1977. �The recent economic census is underway in India.
Features of Economic Census:

  • It covers all entrepreneurial units in the country which are involved in any economic activities
  • It provides valuable insight into economic activities, ownership pattern, persons engaged, etc. of all economic establishments in the country
  • The information collected is useful for socio-economic developmental planning at state and district levels
  • It provides an updated survey undertaken for detailed and comprehensive analysis of all establishments in the country

Economic Census-2019:

  • It is the seventh economic census
  • It is being conducted by Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation in 2019
  • MoSPI has partnered with CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, as the implementing agency for 7thEC
  • The fieldwork for the 7thEC is likely to commence by the end of June 2019
  • The results of the exercise�will be made available after verification and validation of the field work

In this economic census, an IT based digital platform for data capture, validation, report generation and dissemination will be used.�It will cover all establishments including household enterprises, engaged in production or distribution of goods/services in non-farm agricultural and non-agricultural sector will be counted.


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