Elaborate the 3As challenges towards equitable health system worldwide and their implications.

3A’s: Accessibility, Availability, Affordability challenges are effecting health system worldwide. Even after greater strikes through technological interventions and innovations lack of accessibility has made equitable health system a mirage because

  • Disparity between the developed and developing world has resulted in inequitable access to quality healthcare worldwide.
  • Poverty is a major challenge for humanity. This lack of resources has made healthcare inaccessible.
  • IPR regime and ever-greening of Patents has limited the access of the new innovations.
  • The major researches and break troughs are taking place in first world countries. Different challenges in ecosystem have resulted in the minimal investment in the tropical diseases. Hence the burden of tropical diseases has adversely impacting equitable healthcare.
  • The limited capacity of public sector and the profit driven private sector is limiting the access for quality health care.
  • Increasing urban-rural divide and cluttering of health care sector in urban areas has resulted in reduced access to healthcare in rural areas.
  • Lack of awareness and the greater dependence on traditional healthcare coupled with lack of accessibility of modern healthcare has restricted the dream of equitable healthcare.

As sustainable development goals explicitly mentions reduced disparities and quality healthcare there’s a need for equitable health care worldwide.


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