Do you think India should refrain from taking sides as the competition between the US and China further intensifies?

The US-China trade conundrum has taken shape of a full-blown strategic contest which has no end in near sight. It is evident from the current moves that the two countries are locked in a geopolitical deadlock and the only way forward seems to be a clear dominance of one over the other. Both sides have agreed to the fact that multi-polarity which means a group of major world powers frame a loose structure, is not acceptable. There will only be one hegemon and the declaration of the same will take time. In its Indo-Pacific Strategy Report, US has mentioned China as a revisionist power which is aiming at global hegemony in the long-run. China is giving a tough time to the US in terms of technological progress, artificial intelligence, huge investments, growing GDP, etc. Both the contenders are, however, locked in a tough investment and trade relationship which is difficult and painful to unwind. Although China does not have military bases across the world its BRI can definitely be transformed into security infrastructure if needed. The statement is thus slated to spread over the next few years and possibly dominate the world order. India in such a fluid state of geopolitics should ideally refrain from choosing any one side over the other. It can, however, move ahead with multiple engagement circles. Partnerships should be defined by issues and not any other inclination.


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