Do you think digitisation of government processes should be the next step in the Digital Revolution of India? Comment.

Digital India was launched by the Modi government in July 2015 for bringing inclusive growth and bridging the digital divide of India. This was done by introducing various technology solutions which were not only low cost, developmental but also transformative in nature which were designed to empower Indians. After 4 years of efforts, the initiative has bagged global appreciation.
After the huge success the next step lies in the fact that the government should now work towards digitisation of the internal processes of the government. Usage of data analytics and artificial intelligence can be highly instrumental for effective monitoring and development of system automation for future. India has become a huge data powerhouse and our government understands the power of a vibrant economy by truly empowering people. He government should now work towards strict data laws which will address the privacy concerns of the people along with safeguarding the data sovereignty of people. The digitisation of all these processes will eliminate error and human biases. It will speed the working of government, reduce paperwork and make India a truly smart country.


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