Do you think defence reforms should be a priority for the Indian government?

All the post-independence conflicts of India have seen an arousal of patriotic fervour in the people of India. Indian politicians have never considered national security a cause of concern and have left the management of the same on bureaucratic heads. However, this time the PM is serious about the same and has created a separate �Minister of Security�. Furthermore there is an elevation of the NSA to the level of a Cabinet Minister. However, there are certain aspects where the current state has left ample room for doubt and ambiguity. It is because of the latter the idea of forming a national security doctrine has failed. National security should thus be seen through a narrow prism and come up with a strategic guidance to military with clear aims and objectives. The Chairman of the Chief of Staff Committee is entrusted with many important roles in the Higher Defence Organization. He has to invest time and resources in building a Strategic Forces Command, Andaman and Nicobar Command and also set up tri-services training institutions via an Integrated Defence Staff. He also has a key role in nuclear command chain. Thus, there is a need of increased clarity over the roles and responsibilities of Chairman of COSC. The position should be made permanent with a defined tenure and not the one held in rotation. India should keep pace with the military modernisation happening around the world and should no more stall defence reforms.


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