Discuss the various steps taken by Indian government to integrate ICT with agriculture.

ICT has made India a knowledge economy. ICT has immense potential to rejuvenate Indian agriculture which is facing challenge of stagnation.
Various initiatives undertaken to integrate ICT with agriculture are
Kisan call centres
It provides agriculture related information through toll free telephone lines.
Strengthening of IT apparatus in Agriculture and cooperation in the states and union territories (AGRISNET)
Ministry of agriculture has developed more than 80 portals like SEEDNET, DACNET, AGMARKNET, RKVY, ATMA etc to assist farmers with advisories.
National e-governance plan in Agriculture(NeGP-A)
It aims for achieving of rapid development of agriculture through ICT for ensuring timely access to agriculture related information for farmers of the country.
iKisan is a one-stop solution for farmers in providing information on crops, crop management techniques, fertilizers, pesticides and other related information like market updates and weather forecasts.
Single window interface to improve the access to agricultural information and technology in northeastern India. It provides expert consultation on production, plant protection and marketing.
eNAM is an online interconnectivity platform for e-mandis which aims to reforms the agricultural markets. It creates a unified national market for agricultural commodities.
It is the era of digital world. The government of India and its associate bodies are been taking steps to assist farmers to improve yield and productivity.


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