Discuss the Rohingyas Crisis as a challenge to India's internal security. Can India remain isolated from the issue of Rohingyas? Explain while suggesting role that should be played by India to address this crisis.

Rohingyas are stateless ethnic group facing persecution in the regions of Rakhine in Myanmar. There are referred as world’s most persecuted minority group by UNO.
Rohingya Crisis as a challenge to India’s Internal Security

  • Rohingyas are illegally entering India. IB report suggests Pakistan agency ISI and ISIS are having footholds among the refugees. Both these agencies are posing serious challenge to sovereignty of the country.
  • Rohingyas have taken up for the establishment. A support to Rohingyas by India may put the India’s fight against Kashmiri militants on back foot in international arena.
  • Influx of Rohingyas to the north-east may charge the communal atmosphere of North-east which is already facing issues due to illegal Bangladeshi migrants.
  • India needs an effective support of Myanmar to effectively curb the menace of insurgency in North-east. India’s soft corner and support for Rohingyas may alleviate Myanmar establishment against India.
  • Rohingyas belong to Muslim community. Fundamentalists are using the Rohingya issue to spread religious fundamentalism among the muslim minority in India.

Measures to address the Rohingya crisis
India cannot remain to be isolated from the issue of Rohingyas. There needs a fine balance between Governments sovereignty in dealing with the crisis and addressing human right issues of Rohingyas. India must walk tight rope by

  • India must push Myanmar to find an amicable solution to the identity issue of Rohingyas.
  • Support the Myanmar establishment’s right to fight against violent elements and armed groups among Rohingyas.
  • Encourage Myanmar to find the humanistic solution to the issue of Rohingya refugees. Rohingyas rights must be respected by the Myanmar government.

Government together with being cautious about the Rohingya crisis must intervene to find an amicable Myanmar led solution for the crisis. So that India’s relations with Myanmar are not jeopardized while upholding the commitment to human rights.


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