Discuss the reasons of the emergence of the left-wing within the congress in late British Era. To what extent, it was able to influence the programme and policy of the congress? Elucidate.

The following are the reasons for the emergence of the left-wing within the congress in late British Era-

  • There was a group of young leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru and Bosewho were influenced by the outside world and with the ideological developments there.
  • Socialist ideas acquired roots in the Indian soil and socialism became the accepted creed of Indian youth.
  • Impact of the Russian Revolution, wherein Lenin overthrew the despotic Czarist regime and declared the formation of the first socialist state,
  • Several socialist and communist groups came into existence all over the country.
  • Various publication woks such as S.A. Dange’s Gandhi and Lenin, Muzaffar Ahmed’s Navayug, Ghulam Hussain’s Inquilab and M. Singaravelu’s Labour-Kisan Gazette.
  • Most importantly was the ideological difference between the radical group and rest of congress. The rightist believed in the method of prayers and petition with no direct attack on the British. The Left-Wing on the other hand believed in direct attack and wanted independence at the earliest.

There was definitely a positive impact due to the Left-Wing rise within congress on the programmes and policies of congress. Some of the positives were-

  • Emergence of All India Trade Union Congress and Workers and Peasants Party.
  • Equal importance to social and economic freedom on the lines of political freedom.
  • Due to the leftist influence, the leaders within congress were able to take critical stands on various occasions such as Karachi Resolution, Economic Policy resolution at Faizpur Session, 1936 political manifesto of Congress and National Planning Committee in 1938.


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