Discuss the reasons, key events and outcome of the Revolt of 1857.

After the battle of Plassey of I757, East India Company began to control political powers in the country. The Company extended its dominion territorially and economically. It waged wars of conquest against the Indians. Naturally that led the Indian people to fight against the British. Among them the tribal revolts, Santhal revolts, Rampa rebellion, Kolasian Revolt & Munda Revolt were noteworthy. The Ramosi uprising, revolt of Sawantwadi and some sepoy’s mutinies also challenged the British Government.
But the big challenge, the British sustained was in the year 1857. There were several causes responsible for the Revolt of 1857. They were political, administrative, economic, socio-religious and military causes. The greased cartridges of the Enfield rifle became the immediate cause. The Revolt broke due to the incident of Mangal Pandey The Revolt spread throughout North India. The Mutinous sepoys reached Delhi and proclaimed Bahadur Shah II, as the emperor of India. But the Indian sepoys could not succeed in throwing the British out of India. Because, the sepoys did not get the support of all India people.
Almost all Indian rulers and princely states were in favor of the British government. They had no sufficient war materials. There was no able general with them. They were unable to use the postal and Telegraphic services because they were under the control of the British government. Premature beginning of the Revolt, Lack of unity of purpose and organization and personal jealousies among the Indian sepoys came in the way of their success against the British. The British Government recruited a huge force in India itself and received additional force from the Crimean province of Russia and crushed the rebellion completely within a period of one year only.


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