Discuss the reasons for poor public service delivery in India. Also, suggest ways to make public service delivery more efficient.

Reasons for poor delivery outcomes:

  • Lack of effective monetary mechanisms.
  • Lack of grievance redressal mechanisms.
  • Absence of standardized service delivery protocols.
  • Jurisdictional overlap between implementing agencies.
  • Corruption and misappropriation of funds.
  • Lack of awareness among beneficiaries.
  • Lack of effective citizen charters.

Measures to improve efficiency:

  • Effective monitoring mechanisms (e-Samiksha, social audit).
  • Strengthening of Citizen Charter – proper drafting, implementation and awareness.
  • Effective grievance redressal mechanism (E.g. CPGRAMS).
  • Ensuring efficient delivery and accountability.
  • Developing Standardized delivery protocols.
  • Using e-governance in service delivery (Umang app).

Channelizing private agencies and NGOs in last mile service delivery (role of Akshay Patra foundation in providing mid-day meal).


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