Discuss the positive and negative effects of digital revolution on young generation.

Published: November 18, 2017

Digital technology has brought about a revolution in way of life of people. It has made access to all information with just click of a mouse. The children are also one of the major recipients of this information.
The positive effects of digital revolution on young generation are:

  • If digital content is good, children actually have a better access to educational resources because they can get more at one time and at a cheap cost. Good content is found to be age-appropriate, free of stereotypes, and violent and provocative message.
  • Online activities that involve active discussion promote better learning. For example, a child teaching himself or herself to sing or dance by watching a Youtube video or attending online classes.

The negative impacts of digital revolution are:

  • The use of digital technology has health hazards associated with it like affecting sleep, preventing children from engaging in physical activity and worsely resulting in cases of obesity among children. There can be mental illnesses like social isolation, aggression etc.
  • Bad content can influence their mind in a negative manner as they do not have the cognitive ability to distinguish between real and false content. There are lots of content which are sold in the name of edutainment and educational just for the sake of commercial gain, without understanding the impact on the young minds.

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