Discuss the objectives and role of in Current Geopolitics.

In the face of the unparalleled wars and misery throughout the world .Islamic nations around the world have finally joined hands to fight terrorism across the Islamic world .This is Saudi led coalition including 41 muslim countries. General raheel shareef has been appointed as first commander in chief. 
There are four major military powers in this alliance they are 
1)Pakistan as largest army and the only nuclear power in the alliance.
2)Turkey with the second largest army and highly advanced weapons manufacturing industry. 
3)Saudi Arabia with the most well equipped and well funded army
4)united Arab Emirates with states of the art of air force 
The purpose of alliance is to share intelligence ,technology,military power and strategies to rid all the  Muslim nations of all forms of Terrorism especially Iraq,Syria,and Palestine.
Iran is not yet a part of this alliance ,but efforts are made by commander in chief Raheel shareef to bring iran.Because the only true islamic alliance would be the one free from sectarianism and division. 

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