Discuss the leaders who were responsible for Art Renaissance in modern times especially in the areas of painting and music.

Through the genius and effort of a group of Bengali artists, chiefly the Tagores and Gangulis, and their disciples, there has been a revival of Persian, Mughal and Hindu paintings. The Tagores and Gangulis had a spirit and a genius, which has enthused a number of other painters. Dr. Abanindra Nath Tagore was the guru of a group of artists who have been working with vigour and faith. Among the younger artists, the names of Nandlal Bose of Bengal and of Abdur Rahman Chaghtai of Punjab deserve special mention.
E.B. Havell who was for several years principal of the Government School of Art in Calcutta, was a genuine worker of this art renaissance in Bengal.
Indian music was rescued from neglect and the mire of medieval social stigma by Bengal in the 19th century. Its study and cultivation grew rapidly with the rise of modern Bengali drama and the stage, in which connection, the services of three Tagores- Saurindra Mohan, Maharaja Jatindra Mohanand Jyotirindranath (Rabindranath’ s brother), are to be mentioned.


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