Discuss the key features of the drainage system of India's north east region while enumerating various rivers and their tributaries.

Some of the prominent features of the North East India’s drainage system include-

  • Arteries of Inland waterways.
  • Form Deltas.
  • Flooding of rivers.
  • Formation of islands- Example-Majuli.
  • Antecedent Rivers- Example- Brahmaputra
  • There are numerous streams and small rivers which act as carriers of groundwater.

Some of the prominent rivers and tributaries of the North East include-

  • Brahmaputra River- Its tributaries include Dihang, Dibang, Lohit, Subansari, etc. It drains India, China and Bangladesh.
  • Barak River- It flows through Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya and then enters into Bangladesh. The principal tributaries of the Barak are all in India and are Jiri, the Dhaleshwari (Tlawng), the Singla, the Longai, the Madhura, the Sonai (Tuirial), the Rukni and the Katakhal. The Tipaimuk project is on the process on Barak river.


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