Discuss the key aspects of Indigenisation Roadmap Indian Air Force (2016-2025).

Published: December 31, 2016

The guardians of the sky i.e IAF is on a path to modernization with the ambitious modernization plan from (2016-2025). With the changing dynamics of warfare in the current scenario, there  is constant need to upgrade and modernize and  infuse the latest technology in the defence forces. The current plan envisages to give the private sector a major thrust to MRO(Maintenance Repair and Overhaul), and to the latest technology in radar ,runway maintenance etc. Another important area to be looked upon is the indenisation of the of the equipment, aircraft etc where there is gray area and a cause of concern. The road map given in the plan (2016-2025)gives a ray of hope to the private sector to invest in the defence sector with latest technology and to compete with the best in the business.
Armed forces have been always skeptical about the role of private sector in defence forces but the globalization has reduced  this concern .and major private players like Mahindra Defence and reliance are taking a lead now. Roadmap clearly identifies the modernization clause by emphasizing on technology like 3d printing, to advanced weaponry and sensors, MSMEs (micro small and medium enterprises) have also been given impetus.
Overall there is great emphasis on indigenization of the whole process with focus on “Make in India” and “Made in India”. Russian and American have major say in Indian defence industry but this may soon change with the plan  (2016-2025)and soon air force will embark on a journey like its motto of “Nabha Saparsham Diptam” (touch the sky with glory).