Discuss the immense possibility 5G holds in its basket that can be utilized in daily life.

5G is the fifth generation cellular technology. Apart from increasing the downloading and uploading speeds over the mobile network, it also reduces the latency i.e. the time taken by a network to respond.
Features of 5G:

  • It will provide download speed of 1 Gbps, which is at least 100 times the existing data speeds
  • It also increases energy efficiency and offers more stable network connections
  • It will have a wider area in the frequency spectrum that will ensure no network congestion
  • The customers will have to upgrade their SIM cards and buy new 5G enabled phones to access better speeds
  • 5G will help to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our daily lives
  • It will also facilitate the ecosystem for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • It will help in digital growth of country that will result in rise of GDP and employment generation in the country

Applications of 5G:

  • High-Speed mobile network
  • Entertainment and multimedia
  • Internet of Things
  • Smart cities
  • Smart farming
  • �Tele-Medicine services
  • Controlling of critical infrastructure and vehicles.
  • Industrial applications

The committee was set up in under the chairmanship of�AJ Paulraj�to suggest road map for 5G adoption.�It gave wide-ranging recommendations to Department of Telecommunication for areas like spectrum policy, regulatory policy, standards and education.


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