Discuss the factors on account of which the architecture of the Tughlaq period was massive and simple.

The architecture of the Tughlaq period becomes massive and simple because of the invasions of the Mongols and the rebellions ofHindu rulers. The buildings of this style arethe tomb of Tughlaq Shah, the city ofTughlaqabad and the fort of Tughlaqabad.
Firuz Tughlaq was a magnificent builder who spent vast sums of money on towns, palaces, mosques, tanks, reservoirs and gardens. He built many new buildings and repaired the oldones. He founded the city of Firozabad and
supplied it with abundant water by means of a well managed canal system. He also built two other cities Fatahabad and Hisar Firoza, and laid the foundations of a third city called Jaunpur on the banks of Gomati to commemorate the name of his illustrious.
From all these example it can be noted that the Tughlaqs undertook massive architecture however keeping it simple.


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