Discuss the anti-Naxal strategy and measures taken in India citing various issues and challenges in the same.

Model Answer:
The anti-Naxal strategy and measures taken in India even after facing various issues and challenges to it are:
Implementation of Land Reforms
The tribal land alienation is an emotive issue exploited by the Naxals to build up their movement. Land is a state subject inscribed in Indian constitution and there is a lack of state governments will to implement the various recommendations of the land reforms commissions set up by them. Without a land reform programme, the landless tribals have no option but to believe in promises of Naxalism.
Empowering Grassroots Organizations
Revival of the grassroots organizations such as Gram Sabhas and Panchayats in the naxal affected areas by allowing the people of the region to develop a sense of participation and stake in the administration can counter the problem of failed government machinery.
Government should ensure round the year jobs for tribals of Naxal-affected areas under various centrally sponsored scheme. The lack of job opportunities among the tribal population has been taken advantage by the Naxalites to recruit cadres and mobilise people.
Strategic Communication Campaign
Success of the anti-naxal operation needs a sound strategic communication campaign; still there is a huge gap between the common man and Naxalites. A common man wants peace and security of life and livelihood.He is not convinced with the naxalite ideology but lack of options push him to the naxalite.
Protection of the Forest Rights of Tribals
The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 was expected to improve the lives of the poor indigenous tribes by recognizing their right to inhabit the forests.


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