Discuss in detail the powers available to the Lok Sabha speaker and functions allotted to him to be performed.

The Speaker is the main presiding officer of Lok Sabha. He is�elected from all members by simple majority. The candidate of the ruling party is made the speaker. However, there are cases also when he is not from the ruling party.

  • He is the head of the house and controls its working
  • The members of the parliament address only to the Speaker while any discussion in the house
  • During joint sitting of both houses of Parliament, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha presides over this meeting
  • He has a special voting power in his hand. He can case when there is tie on votes between the ruling party and opposition
  • He decides the agenda of various discussions
  • He has the power to�adjourn or suspend the house/meetings if the quorum is not met
  • His decision on finance bill is final .Whether a bill is money bill or not ,it is decided by him only

He is removed from the post of Speaker by passing a resolution by majority of the members of Lok Sabha. During resolution for removal of Speaker, the Speaker does not cast his vote even if there is tie.


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