Direct talks between US, Iran are the only way to de-escalate tensions. A new framework and a new balance is the need of the hour. Comment.

It is the last minute reversal of President to stop the attack on Iran which has given rise to a new window of hope for many people who are directly affected by the aftermath. It was after the pull-out from the Iran Nuclear Deal that Trump Presidency followed the strategy of �maximum pressure� on Iran to yield to its demands. Latter was culminated by the stifling sanctions of Trump on Iran�s energy sector which is the lifeline of its economy. It has been the reversed decision of the President despite the advice of John Bolton that has raised hope of peace as President Trump has expressed his desire for engagement with the Iranian leadership. The offer has been rejected by Iran as latter is all set to expand the conflict spanning the regional allies of US in case of war. Thus the tensions can be tamed only by constructive dialogue to end forty years of conflict.


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