Despite various laws, the problem of bonded labour is still existing in India. Discuss the causes and solutions for the existing problem.

Bonded labour is a type of exploitative work that includes forceful conditions of work for free or very less wages. It has continued even after independence due to factors like:

  • Land reforms and tenancy reforms were not undertaken with sincerity after independence.
  • Informal sources of debt for poor households.
  • Extreme poverty and lack of unemployment.
  • Practices like selling children as bonded labour in industries.
  • Caste discrimination and variations in land rights & occupations make exploitation easy.

Though all forms of exploitative employment are banned explicitly in the constitution under articles 23 & 24, such practices continue to exist.

Measures to curb this problem:

  • Strict implementation of provisions like equal pay for equal work, payment of remuneration, etc on the grassroot level.
  • Reengineering and streamlining the National commission for protection of child rights to safeguard children from exploitation.
  • Reforms in tenancy and sub-tenancy legislations.
  • Proper employment opportunities for displaced people due to some projects or calamity, so that they are not exploited.
  • A central agency with investigation & policing powers like provided in NDPSA to prevent cases of trafficking of labour.

These policies need to be implemented strictly and efforts should be made to eradicate caste & class disparities.


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