"Despite of implementing several crop insurance schemes, farmers are yet to get enough protection from risks in farming."What are the common challenges faced in increasing crop insurance penetration in India? Discuss.

There have been several crop insurance schemes right from 1985 such as Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme, Experimental Crop Scheme, National Agricultural Insurance Scheme, etc. Still the farmers have not been wholly insured and are at always risks. This ultimately leads to farmers killing themselves every year because crop insurance, does not reach them when they need it the most.
Success of any government scheme depends on its sincere implementation. The key challenges can be attributed to poor land records, flawed land titles, corruption etc.
Further, the success of any scheme depends on how sincerely it is being implemented by the insurance companies. Also right amount of monitoring and supervision is needed for the success of any scheme.
All these loopholes act as hurdles for the right outreach of government.


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