Despite being rich in natural resources, Africa continent has widespread poverty and under-development. Examine the causes.

Africa is an example of paradox of plenty. Africa is blessed with vast natural resources and rich environments. It is endowed with productive land and with valuable natural resources, which include renewable resources (such as water, forestry, and fisheries) and non-renewable resources (minerals, coal, gas, and oil).
Despite the natural wealth, Africa happens to be an under-developed and poverty stricken country.
Following are some of the causes behind this paradox-

  • Inefficient investment.
  • Lack of transparent rules.
  • Corruption.
  • Governance issue.
  • Nature-based conflicts, including violent conflict, civil wars and secessionist movements, have thus been commonplace in Africa. The “blood diamonds” in Sierra Leone and Angola, timber conflicts in Liberia, oil conflicts in Nigeria and Sudan, and mineral wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo are popular examples.
  • Local disputes over land, water, wildlife and forests are, in fact, far more common.

Therefore, to make the ‘Lost Continent’ a true ‘Land of opportunities’, there is the necessity of political stability, education and true leadership to take the front seat and drive the growth of Africa.


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