Critically discuss the role of Science & Technology in ensuring national security.

Science and Technology play an important role in all walks of human life. They are inevitable for seeking solutions and overcoming limitations posed to society and governments.
In India, science and technology has been given importance in nation building since independence with establishment of institutes like DRDO, IITs, CSIR labs and establishment of Department of Science and Technology.
National security comprises of securing several fronts like food, physical, internal security.

  1. Science and technology is important for development on new materials and technology to raise defence preparedness for instance Tejas aircraft and improve quality of life of armed forces like Portable telemedicine system for armed forces, bullet proof jackets. Possible technologies available—radar, sonar, laser and drones—to monitor movements and sounds along the international border can improve intelligence collection and prevent infiltration. New fencing technology can better fence the porous borders on the eastern and western front.
  2. On the energy front new developments like waste-to-energy technology, solar pumps, bio-diesel, bio-ethanol have been developed which can contribute towards energy security.
  3. Space technology has an important role to play in upgrading communication technology, resource mapping and disaster management.
  4. Development in ICT and spread of internet connection has helped education reach the corners of nation through video lectures, interactive session with distantly located teachers and educators. Health sector is also reap benefits from expanding network through Telemedicine.
  5. Use of science and technology in agriculture can improve the agricultural yield like genetically modified crops and new practices in agriculture like drip irrigation, integrated pest management make agriculture sustainable.

But in order to reap the benefits of science and technology it is necessary that developments are backed by right policies which foster adoption and promote R&D across sectors. Most of the research facilities lack funding and human resource capacity which can be augmented by instituting right framework for private-public partnership in research.


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