Critically discuss the 3F (Finance, Function and Functionaries) issues with local bodies as a hindrance to achieve the Swachh Bharat Mission goals.

In order to achieve the objectives of Swachh Bharat Mission, the 3F issues haunting the local bodies need to be addressed. (3F- Finance, Function and Functionaries)
The local bodies are heavily dependent on grants from central and state governments to carry out their daily functions. This severely hinders their capabilities to undertake long term projects like underground sewage, Sewage treatment plants, waste management which requires huge capital and have long gestation period.
Though the 73rd and 74th amendment listed the allocation of functional items for the local bodies, they lack the necessary manpower, technical expertise, financial resources to implement them.
In most of the states the local bodies are driven by bureaucracy not the elected representatives. As a result there is lack of accountability.
Even though the bureaucracy is working for the local bodies, the local government doesn’t have power to take actions for lapses. Hence lack of accountability.
Swachh Bharat Mission is not just about creating infrastructure but also about ensuring their sustainability and utility. Therefore effective decentralized governance should be the priority. Decentralised governance has the ability to provide an efficient backward and forward linkage for translating the objectives of the mission into reality at ground level.


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