Despite of dramatic fall in equipment costs and tariff of solar energy, rooftop solar plants are not very popular in India. Account for the key stumbling blocks in realizing India's rooftop solar power goals.

India’s roof top solar power project was an ambitious step towards increasing greener energy in the country. The government encouraged people to install Solar roof top plants with lucrative incentives and subsidies. It even went ahead to make it obligatory for the solar power producers to buy the cells and modules which are Indian made and available at better prices rather than export the same. This brought us into trouble in the international front as well. It shows that is serious about achieving its 1000MW target of solar roof top plants. There have been certain hindrances in realising the targets.
Electricity distribution companies are giving a hard time to the people. They refused to buy the surplus power from the roof top plants in a fear of going into financial troubles once everyone starts to generate their own power. This led to the slowing down in the installation of solar rooftop plants. Even if installed, they are installing only to the capacity which fulfils their daily demand with no surplus. Thus reducing the overall capacity of the country.
To address the issue, government came up with a new policy SRISTI- Sustainable Rooftop Implementation for Solar Transfiguration of India. In this policy, the government gave the electricity distribution companies a major role there by seeking their cooperation. The policy states that the discoms will be incentivised financially for every MW of rooftop capacity created in their area of operation. This move is seen as a way to rope-in the discoms into achieving the target of 1000MW solar roof top plants.


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