Both Caste and Race are manifestations of a closed system of stratification, but there are important differences between the two. Explain.

The Caste refers to lineage system of kin which is mostly identified through their work. Race is associated with place of origin and belongingness. e.g. White, African, Indian, etc.

These systems emerged in ancient times on the basis of idea of division of responsibility. According to lineage and achievement, stratification among them happened.

There exist important differences between them:

  • Caste is identified originally on the basis of work assigned. Race is identified with colour, Creed, religion.
  • Solidarity among caste people is common phenomenon. The race is itself comprised of many caste, thus fraternity is absent.
  • Caste has generally an organisational structure. Such thing is absent in Race.
  • Caste is generally an idea of third world countries or ancient brahminical order. Race is a modern concept and is present throughout the globe.

In changing dynamism of today’s world it is high time that we realise, even if we are different in caste and race, we are same in nature and we allegiance to one flag and constitution to project unity in diversity.


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