Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company – George Washington . Examine the relevance of this quote for your life while assuming yourself a public servant.

Public servants are bestowed with the responsibility to ensure the governance mechanisms are competent enough to serve the people. The values, principles and morals of the public servant largely determine the how efficient the public servants discharge their responsibility.
Acculturation is a process through which the surroundings influence the individual’s behavior and value system. Being in association with men of good quality their behaviour, actions and thought process influences one’s own value system and behavior which will enhance one’s own reputation and behaviors.
On a contrary when one is in association with the bad elements it will deteriorate one’s own value system and will deteriorate the reputation of even those who are not partners for their misdeeds.
The tenure of UPA 2 government was marred with scams and charges of corruption. Even though no one questioned the honesty and personal integrity of then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh the charges of corruption deteriorated the reputation of Dr. Manmohan Singh.
Mr. Manohar Parrikar ex-defence minister ones said that presence of large number of mediators and arm brokers in Delhi led him to restrict his social life so that he is not under undue influence or even that perception breeds in the society.
Being in association of good men brings a positive influence resulting in enhancing of one’s own esteem and standing in the society. Associating with bad men together with deteriorating individual’s character, it also deteriorates ones reputation and standing in the society. Hence it is said that being alone is better than being in company of bad influence.


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