Assess the reasons why there were no major international conflicts during the 1920s.

There were no major international conflicts during 1920s because initially, League of Nations was successful in solving some minor international disputes and major economic and social issues in 1920s that are as follows:

  • The quarrel between Sweden and Finland over Aaland Islands, the League of Nations gave verdict in favour of Finland.
  • The claims of Germany and Poland over the industrial area of Upper Silesia, the league divided the area between both.
  • When Greece invaded Bulgaria, the Greek troops withdrew with the intervention of League and was made to pay for the damages to Bulgaria.
  • When Turkey claimed the province of Mosul, the British mandated territory of Iraq, the League denied the claim and went in favour of Iraq.
  • The League also settled the South American disputes between Peru and Columbia and between Bolivia and Paraguay.

The League was successful in forming International Labour Organisation which fixed the minimum days and wages of work and other benefits. The Refugee Organisation made prisoners of war return to their country. The Health Organisation was successful in addressing the typhus epidemic in Russia. With the increased international cooperation the return of prisoners of war were possible. In addition, the nations just came out of the war so there was no possibility of outbreak of another war as the resources were less with the nations and the League was there to address the dispute. The disputes did not threaten the peace of the world and the decisions of the League did not go against the major power which may had challenge the decisions.


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