Abhinavgupta had created some great works of importance on almost all fields such as intellectual, moral, religious and spiritual. However, they are not finding recognition as they should have got? What do you think are the reasons and what can be done to address the problems? Discuss citing relevance of Abhinavagupta's teaching to contemporary society and world.

Abhinavagupta wrote Abhinavabharati, a commentary of Naṭyasastra of Bharata. He introduced a ninth rasa called Santam which denotes the peace or tranquillity. These total nine rasas make the Navarasa.
His other works comprises of various currents of intellectual thinking such as
Aesthetics, dramaturgy, music, tantra, yoga, literary criticism, devotional poetry, cognitive science, emotions, philosophy of mind, language. His works fall in various categories such as commentaries, poems, manuals of religious rituals, philosophy etc.
His most important work is Tantraloka, which is an encyclopedia of Tantra and synthesis of the Trika system.
Other writings include Pratyabhigya, which stands for ‘identifying’ and not attaining.
However, his works seem to be unrecognized. His teachings are a necessity for the contemporary society, but sadly he finds no mention in the school books today. Therefore, the solution lies in including his works in the form of chapters in school books.
Another central problem is the translation of his works. Efforts must be made to translate his works so that it is able to reach to the masses.


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