"A strong Opposition is indispensable in a modern democracy." Discuss keeping in context, the current political environment in India.

India has parliamentary democracy with multiparty system. The party having majority in Lok Sabha forms government. The representatives of other parties form opposition and have a strong role to play in modern democracy.

  • The opposition parties enable citizens who think alike on public questions to unite in support of a common body of principles and policies and work together to see that those principles and policies are adopted and implemented by the government
  • Opposition ensures that the actions of the ruling party are not detrimental to the interest of general public or nation at large through debates and raising issues in parliament.
  • Opposition has an important role in highlighting loopholes in government bills, policies and action. Through obstruction it prevents hasty passage of any ill considered action by government.
  • It holds the government accountable for its acts of omission and commission by creating awareness among public, question hour in parliament etc.
  • The ruling party may try to impose its ideology and constrain the space for dissent. Opposition has a responsibility to protect other ideologies and keep them alive in public discourse.
  • In India opposition by parties is more on political lines rather than ideology, rational view. Thus opposition fails to provide constructive criticism of government action.

Strong opposition can only make parliament an effective checks and balance body on tyranny of executive and ensure inclusive actions and policies from government.


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