5G technology will prove to be a game-changer for digitally empowering the nation, but there are several challenges that needs to be tackled. Critically Analyze.

5G technology refers to the 5th generation mobile-radio-telephony apparatus that is run on radio-waves, has lower latency, lower energy use & faster speed than previous generation.

As per International Telecommunication Union, 5G will contribute to 2% increase in Global GDP.

Unique opportunities:

  • Higher speed will help in digital education, Tele-medicine & Tele-law, Digital courts, etc.
  • Big data, AI, machine learning, real time analysis possible due to low latency. Helps in Autonomous driving, simultaneous translation, robotic surgery, etc.
  • Helps in schemes implementation via secure DBT, UPI, IMPS & mobile payments.


  • Penetration of 5G waves is less, hence need for more tower density. Thus, cost becomes high.
  • Most 5G equipments are made in China, so threat to national security.
  • Most Indian telecom companies have unhealthy balance sheets due to AGR issues.
  • Digital divide will further increase.
  • Digital literacy.
  • Vernacular languages apps, softwares and devices needed.
  • Privacy & cyber-security concerns.

Way Forward:

If implemented properly, then 5G  can be said to usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution and fulfil SDG-9.


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