2018-Mock-8: Case Study-4

If any village in your revenue division gets the award, you also get the credit. But how will you encourage people with only limited staff.
Being the head of a revenue division consisting of 25 villages and provided with limited staff, the task will be a tedious one. However, since I have done it earlier, my confidence level and experience will contribute immensely in achieving the excellence award for the third time. Ensuring effective public service delivery is one of the major goals of public servants. To ensure that the benefits of government schemes reach to maximum number of people in 25 villages, I will take following steps:

  • First I will make a list of schemes that need to be implemented and devise the objective criterions that need to be achieved to become a contender for the award.
  • Will engage with the officials and ask them to come up with a framework to achieve the objectives and the possible challenges we would encounter due to lack of workforce.
  • Will try to do an objective analysis by integrating the objective criterion I have developed and the findings from the officials in developing a roadmap.
  • Will engage with the local representatives to highlight about the lack of sufficient resources and ask them to help the administration to fill the resource gap.
  • Will explore the opportunities of integrating the ICT in administration to reduce the workload and if possible will hire the additional workers on contract basis to accomplish the tasks in the stipulated time.
  • Will take the aid of NGOs, civil society and college students to generate greater awareness about the scheme and to disperse information about the various schemes so that people would be aware and assist with the administration in availing of benefits.

Fortitude will help in transforming this challenge into opportunity. As a public servant it is my responsibility to effectively implement the various schemes by efficient utilisation of the resources available. Awards can be a catalyst in achieving the effective implementation but not the end objectives themselves. So I will thrust more emphasis on enhancing the quality of service delivery. This would automatically make the district eligible for the award.
As such people in rural areas might lack awareness and motivation. What motivational values you will inculcate in them.
People in rural areas are less aware of the happenings around and less motivated to engage with the bureaucracy.
Inculcating of motivational values in Officials

  • Honesty: Will motivate the officials to be honest towards the work and ensure the better quality service delivery.
  • Fortitude: Rural India facing deficiencies in infrastructure pose an additional challenge for the officers. Will try to inculcate the value of fortitude in them to conquer these challenges.
  • Courage: To deal with the challenges efficiently while working rural areas.

Common man

  • Inquisitiveness: Inquisitiveness will aid in enhancing of awareness.
  • Courage: Increased awareness together with courage will aid in people demanding their entitlements. This will aid in integrating people with governance.


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