2017 Mock Test -8: GS-IV: Ethics Case Study -3

What all virtues and values you observe in Mr. Singh? Also write your observations on his emotional intelligence.
From the above situation the values and virtues that I observe in Mr. Singh are:

  • Compassion that is concern for wellbeing of the others and empathy.
  • Fairness that is treating people the way they deserves
  • Estimating persons based on their character not by what he saws

Some of the observations on his emotional intelligence are that he is emotional about relationship and develops emotional attachment even in professional relationships, which should not be there in profession.
Should Mr. Singh help or not help the prisoner to prove his innocence in the crime for which he is being punished? Why?
If Mr. Singh strongly feels that the prisoner’s case has not be represented by the lawyer because of which he is facing the tougher sentencing than he deserves, Mr. Singh can help him with his advice in personal capacity, not as a jailor because that is not his official role. In addition, it would be wise for Mr. Singh to offer guidelines on accessing legal help in case the prisoner is semi-literate or illiterate instead of going out of his way to help the inmate. A better approach for Mr. Singh would be to distance himself from the prisoner and convey his feelings to social service professionals who visit the jail and leave the matter there.
There is a clear and well defined relationship between a jailor and a prisoner. Although in conversations with the prisoner, Mr. Singh came to know certain facts about him, he had no business to develop emotional attachment or intimacy with him even if he felt compassionate towards him. He has a clear and well defined job along with the responsibility. His job is not to help a prisoner fight his case. His job is limited to only insuring that the inmates live by rules while in the jail. In this case, Mr. Singh should take cognizance of the behavior of the prisoners involved in fighting and award appropriate punishment to them. If he is required to make a note on the discipline of the inmates, he should do it fairly.


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