Mains-94: Ethics and Human Interface

How Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of the rich as trustees drives wealthy to be agents of change?

Mahatma Gandhi was of the view that the wealthy must be trustees of their wealth for the larger good of the people. He had once said that “suppose I have come by a fair amount ..

How far does the idea of ethical intuitionism relevant in today�s society?

Ethical Intuitionism, also referred to as the moral intuitionism stands on the thesis that our intuitive awareness of right from wrong, of value and other evaluative facts, actually form the basis of ethical knowledge. This ..

Why the UN agencies have called for a worldwide ban on virginity testing?

UN agencies have documented a practice of virginity tests in at least 20 countries spanning all regions of the world. The UN agencies which include UN Human Rights, UN Women and the World Health Organization ..


Differentiate between "Passive Euthanasia"and "Living Will". Throw light on the ethical concerns involved in legalising these concepts in India.

“Passive Euthanasia” is defined as to withhold medical treatment and withdraw life sustaining devices from a terminally ill patient with deliberate intention to let the patient die. Passive euthanasia occurs when the patient dies because ..

What are the ethical concerns regarding Capital Punishment? Should India do away with the capital punishment? Argue.

The ethical concerns regarding Capital Punishment are: Value of human life: Human life is highly valuable in this universe. Those who think that capital punishment should be banned believe that even the worst offender should ..