Mains-93: Various Security Forces and Agencies and their mandate.

What is blue water force and does India have the capability to become a blue water force ? Comment.

Navies are classified on the basis of colours. A navy whose operations are close to the shore, where the water muddy, is known as Brown Water Force. A navy which can go farther is called a Green Water Force and then there is Blue Water Force. A Blue Water Force is a maritime force that ..

The Prime Minister has announced creation of the office of Defence Staff but its modalities are still being worked out. How CDS will transform India’s national security scenario?

The announcement by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 15, about the creation of a Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), received a widespread welcome. The announcement added a new and complex dimension to India’s national security paradigm. Significance of CDS The office of CDS carries with it a whole eco-system that could transform India’s ..

India�s police force is among the weakest in the world. How is the understaffing in police force related to the issues plaguing it?

Indian Police Force is regarded as the weakest force in the world. Many issues which are plaguing the same have stemmed from its understaffing. The police remain overburdened due to the criminalisation of politics and the apparent reluctance to reforms. � As per a survey was undertaken by the Centre for the Study of Developing ..


The Indian Air Force must lay down clear red lines for continued operational effectiveness. Comment.

The crash of AN-32 has raised severe doubts about the extent of Flight Safety in Indian Air Force. The rates of accidents have been significantly brought down over the past few decades. Air crashes are fully exposed to media thereby making the families of the victims to the unwanted trauma. This hamper the critical remedial ..

Disucss the features of the Indian Navy Environment Conservation Roadmap. How it will strengthen our Defence system?

Indian Navy pledged 1.5 % of its budget towards Renewable Energy generation. For this purpose the Indian Navy has outlined an environment conservation road map. �Features of the road map: A number of policies aimed at reduction of energy consumption and environment sustenance have been formulated It will covers the entire range of operations, maintenance, ..