Mains-91-Security Challenges and their management in border areas

Importance of the Chief of Defence staff

The creation of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) is one of the biggest military reforms which seeks to ensure inter-services coordination and synergize efforts of the armed forces. The proposal for the CDS was ..

Predictive Policing & Its Usage

Predictive policing is the application of analytical techniques to identify potential targets for police intervention and solve crimes by applying statistical techniques. Countries like UK and US see the use of predictive policing. Another term ..

In context of the Godhra riots, 2002, discuss the findings of the Nanavati Commission, which has been recently tabled in the Gujarat Assembly.

The Nanavati commission had been appointed to probe burning of the Sabarmati Express in 2002 and later also included the riots which took place in the state.  About the Nanavati Commission –  It was set ..


How the Army is undertaking waste disposal at the strategically significant Siachen?

The Army has removed more than 130 tonnes of garbage from the Siachen and is cutting potential trash in rations to ensure the waste mounds are completely eliminated. Waste Accumulation in Siachen Over 236 tonnes ..

What in your opinion are the five major security challenges which will be faced by the next Indian government?

After an extended season of election campaigning, the elections are finally coming to an end and nearing the declaration of the results. The issue of national security rose to unprecedented prominence in the elections which ..