Mains-89: Cyber Security in India

UN Takes A Stand Against Cybercrime

The United Nations General Assembly has declared its approval to continue with the drafting of a new international treaty on cybercrime, despite the objections from the European Union, the United States, and other countries. The resolution, which was drafted by Russia, won the vote of the 193-member body, with a vote count of 79-60, with ..

Rising incidents of Cyber Crime

There have been incidents of people being defrauded over promises of winning a lottery or availing services of friendship or dating. A common factor which was present in the victims were that they are all educated, yet the blindly believe the cyber fraudsters who get in touch with them over social media and internet dating ..

Personal Data Protection Bill : Challenges

India’s Personal Data Protection Bill seeks to protect the privacy of individuals relating to their personal data, but its design is not based on delivering the promise. It rightly requires the handlers of the data to obtain the individual’s consent but it gives wide powers to the Government to dilute its provisions. The bill tabled ..


Critically analyse the provisions of Personal Data Protection Bill which seeks to update the currently non-existent standards for privacy and consent.

Recently the Union Cabinet has approved the Personal Data Protection Bill which lays down a legal framework in the Indian context to preserve the sanctity of “consent” in data sharing and penalize those breaching privacy norms. Seeking to keep up with regulation around the world regarding data, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection ..

Do you think a cyberattack is a possible retaliatory measure for the strategists who are sitting in New Delhi? Examine this in light of Indian counter operations against Pakistan.

The US has conducted cyberattacks against Iranian military command following the rise of tensions between the two. India, whenever faced with Pakistan-based terrorist attack, has only a few options to work around like airstrikes, surgical strikes, covert operations and stand-off strikes, etc. There are three implicit criteria in the Indian response against Pakistan. It is ..