Mains-85: Linkages Between Development and Spread of Extremism

How is Naxalism different from Maoism in India? Throw light on main reasons for the spread of Naxalism and Maoism in the country.

Maoism originated in China as a form of Communist theory derived from the teachings of the Chinese political leader Mao Zedong. It was widely applied as the political and military guiding ideology of the Communist ..

Critically analyze the lack of development as backward linkage for Extremism in India.

Extremism refers to holding of extreme political or religious views. India is facing key challenges related to extremism and lack of development is one of the key cause for spreading of extremism. Development and extremism: ..

How the internal security challenges in Nagaland are different from that in Manipur and Tripura? Explain.

The internal security scenario in north-east is fragile. Insurgency and militancy have created havoc in north-east and are posing serious internal security challenges. The key common internal security challenges among the states in North-east are ..


Northeast India was at the forefront of economic development and prosperity during British India but has faced marginalisation since Independence. In this context, discuss some of the steps taken to replenish the past glory of the region.

North east hasn’t received the required attention from the mainland in post independence period. This has resulted in deprivation and huge gaps in the north east. In order to bridge these various measures have been ..

Why north-eastern states are demanding a separate time zone? What would be the implications if India adopts two time zones?

Time zone is a region which uses the same standard time for legal, social and commercial purposes. India follows the standard time of 82.5 deg E longitude. There has been demand for adopting two different ..