Mains-79: Recent Developments in IT, Space, Computers, Robotics, Nano-technology, Bio-technology

Indian Neutrino Observatory Greenlit Despite Protests

Despite opposition by locals, the central government has greenlit the Indian Neutrino Observatory to be built in Theni in the south of Tamil Nadu. What is the India-based Neutrino Observatory Project? The India-based Neutrino Observatory Project is a multi-institutional project to build a state of the art underground observatory with a rock cover of 1200 ..

The Hera Mission

The European Space Agency has greenlit the Hera Mission with the mandate of slamming a spacecraft into an asteroid. What is Hera? The Hera mission is the contribution of the European Space Agency to the international double-spacecraft collaboration. It is named after the Greek goddess of marriage. It is due to travel to the near-Earth ..

ISRO Successfully Launches 13 US Nano Satellites With CARTOSAT-3

ISRO has been India’s crowning glory for some time now. In December 2019, it once again proved its mettle by successfully launching Cartosat-3 and 13 nanosatellites, from Sriharikota. This is the 21st flight of PSLV in its XL configuration. What are Catosat Satellites? The Cartosat satellites are observation satellites that are meant to orbit the ..


Domestic internet and Data

Russia has recently tested a country wide alternative to the global internet. According to the test , users did not notice any changes. The country announced its plan to temporarily disconnect its internet as a part of its experiment of testing its cyber defence capabilities. President Putin signed a law to set into motion RuNet ..

Relevance of Space Force

Space force has been established by the United States to effectively organise the interests of US in space. It is the new branch of military since the launch of the Air Force since 1947. This move gains importance as it can be considered as the violation of consensus on peaceful use of the outer space ..