Mains-77: Infrastructure: Ports, Roads, Airports, Railways

Motor Vehicle Act and its Effect

The Parliament recently passed the Motor Vehicle amendment bill, 2019 overhauling the thirty year old law. This bill fits in with the UN defined target of reducing to half the number of global deaths and injuries due to road traffic accidents. Urban mobility landscape is set to change with ride hailing companies. At present several ..

Telecom Industry & AGR

The telecom industry finds itself highly stressed with a mounting debt and demands under a high Adjusted Gross revenue (AGR). The issue at hand is the Supreme Court’s verdict on the AGR, where a liability of 1.3 lac crore (92,000 crore in license fee and 41,000 crore as spectrum usage charge) was imposed on telecom ..

The Indian Railways need to improve its competitiveness if it needs to compete with the growing aviation sector. Discuss.

The Railways inability to incrementally raise passenger fares is the biggest impediment to its revenue growth. The railways has officially recorded its worst financial performance in 2017-18, since 2000-01. It is a result of the transporter’s ability to match revenues with its ballooning expenses.  According to CAG, the railway operating ratio for 2017-18 stands at ..


How the BharatNet project seeks to revolutionise the connectivity in rural India?

BharatNet is touted as the world’s largest connectivity project. The features of the BharatNet project are: The project envisages laying of about 8 lakh kilometre of incremental optical fibre cable (OFC) to all the 2,50,000-plus Gram Panchayats (GP) in the country at an estimated cost of Rs 42,068 crore ($6.2 billion) within the timeframe of ..

The Jet Airways case has takeaways for the bankruptcy code as well as for other airlines. Comment.

It has been two months since Jet has stopped all flight operations. The lenders to the Jet Airways have finally decided to take it to the National Company Law Tribunal and start the insolvency proceedings in order to recover the money which was due to them. The lenders consortium has arrived at this decision after ..