Mains-76: Infrastructure: Energy Sector

National Data Repository: Concept, Content and Uses

India has joined the rank of elite nations like the UK and Norway as the Union Government unveiled the establishment of a National Data Repository for the upstream sector. It was announced by Union Petroleum ..

India Needs To Unify Its Energy Departments

In recent times, India has woken up to the problem of trying to manage an array of different ministries and departments when it comes to the energy sector. What is the issue? India has five ..

Creating a healthy power sector

A healthy power sector is the need of the country to help India realise the dream of being amongst the developed countries. Though all the three segments of the power sector which includes generation, transmission ..


Hydropower & South Asia

South Asia which houses 24% of the global population is one of the most underdeveloped regions of the world. Mutual cooperation is linked with development of the region and for the optimal utilisation of natural ..

How the policy flip-flops will adversely affect the renewable energy targets?

A report by Crisil makes the following observations: India is likely to miss the renewable energy target of 175 GW by 2022 owing to regulatory challenges, policy flip-flops and steep fall in tariffs. India is ..