Mains-71: Economics of Animal-rearing

Poultry Sector has organized itself into an organized business. But this development is highly skewed. Comment

Over the years India’s poultry sector has transformed itself from a supplementary backyard activity to a highly organised farming business as: Over 80% of egg and poultry meat output in the country is from organised ..

Farmers of India are moving to buffaloes in place of cows. The farmer decision-making is largely influenced by the economic factors. Examine this in light of livestock policies of the country.

India has the largest livestock population in the world and hence also the biggest milk producer in the world. But it is also the third largest bovine meat exporter to nearly 70 countries. There is ..

How the Sex Sorted Semen scheme of Uttar Pradesh aims to address the menace of stray bulls?

With the ban on cow slaughter in place, Uttar Pradesh was struggling to tackle with the menace of the growing number of stray cows. To tackle this menace the Uttar Pradesh government is experimenting with ..


What was the contribution of Sardar Patel in Dairy Sector of India?

Sardar Patel has not only been a unifying factor of a divided country but also his devotion to the cause of farmers was unmatchable. As India inaugurates the statue of unity, the statue of Sardar ..

Explain the terms LED fishing, bull- trawling, purse seining and gill netting with respect to fishing highlighting issues created by each of them.

LED Fishing In LED fishing, LED lights are used to attract fishes. LED lights are used of mostly between 1600 watts and 5000 watts, and could attract fish up to 10 km. Use of LED ..