Mains-70: Technology Missions

Global partnerships in Technology

India’s strength in science and technology is renowned with our bold process in space and nuclear energy programs. Several departments under the Ministry of Science and Technology, take for example Biotechnology have forged strong foundations to boost early stage innovation. NITI Aayog has laid out comprehensive policy for technologies like artificial intelligence. The next step ..

Sexed Semen Technology & Its usage

Sexed semen is a specially processed semen of bulls from which ‘Y’ chromosomes in sperms has been removed through a sorting process  and ‘X’ has been retained to ensure a female calf is born. The reproduction system of cattle is similar to humans . Cows carry XX chromosomes while bulls semen has both X & ..

How Farmer Field Schools are strengthening the Farming Community in Maharashtra?

Farmer Field Schools were developed as an alternative to the top-down way of providing extension devised under the Green revolution. The school emphasizes on giving focused guidance to small groups of farmers in their fields by way of learning-by-doing exercises. The school was originally conceptualized by the Food and Agriculture Organization has been in practice ..


Discuss the role played by Fisher Friend Project, mKrishi and other Mobile based initiatives towards Indian Agriculture.

Hint: Fisher Friend Project used mobiles to provide vital livelihood information to fisher folks of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. MKisan Application has been designed and developed by in-house IT team of DAC with the help of C-DAC Pune under project mKisan. It enables farmers and all other stakeholders to obtain advisories and information being sent ..

"ICT has many potential applications in delivering agricultural extension and can bring new information services to rural areas."Discuss