Mains-69: Public Distribution System, Buffer Stocks and Food Security

What steps can the government make to make the PDS distribution more effective?

India is all set to take a leap forward in PDS with the introduction of One Nation, One Ration Card Scheme. The government must keep three considerations in mind while thinking about the “One Nation, One Ration Card” initiative. Empowering the Individual The structure of the PDS system needs to be redesigned to empower individual ..

Analyse the concerns regarding Public procurement and steps taken by the Government to improve the system of procurement.

Public procurement is the purchase by governments and state-owned enterprises of goods, services and works. There are many inequities and illegalities in public procurement. All of them must be tackled to improve the system. �Concerns: There are many Charges of corruption over the stakeholders involved There are many regulations, guidelines and rules State public procurement ..

What are your views about the FCI plans for increasing the storage space?

The Food Corporation of India or FCI has built a new roadmap for fastening the construction of storage space in the form of silos for meeting the target of 100 lakh tonnes by 2022. Record harvests and increased procurement has made FCI sit on the reserve stock of food-grains which is almost double the level ..


Studies have recently discovered the presence of Zearalenone in Indian cereals. What could be the possible health repercussions of the same?

Zearalenone is a known fungal toxin which is found in cereals like wheat, maize and barley. In a study conducted by Journal of Food Science, the toxin was seen in wheat, rice, oats and corn in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Such toxins which are found in food often are the cause of various epidemics. ..

What do you understand by Agriculture Value Chain? How it is different from supply chain for other products? Explain highlighting the importance of an Agricultural Value System Platform.

Value chain refers  to  the  set  of core  activities  and  support functions, internal to  a business entity, to  create and deliver  its goods or services. Value chain optimisation refers to optimising the value capturing activities and the  internal processes/procedures to improve the efficiency of these individual firms. Supply chain refers to the flow of raw ..