Mains-66: Storage, Transport and Marketing of Agricultural Produce & Related Issues

Promotion of secondary agriculture

Secondary agriculture assumes importance as India look to achieve the goal of doubling farmer’s income. There is no formal definition of secondary agriculture, however its essence can be understood when the Ashok Dalwai committee submitted ..

There is an utmost need for an appropriate institutional design, incentives and market infrastructure to integrate digital technologies with agri-value chains. Comment.

It is important to discuss why Agri-tech start-ups have received considerable attention of the technology developers, investors and agribusiness firms. As per Nasscom, they witnessed a growth rate of 25% and have received a $248 ..

Is the new seeds Bill titled against farmers’ interests and is in favour of seed companies ? Discuss.

The seed bill 2019 has had two earlier versions in 2004 and 2010, which have been more or less the same. As per the government, a new seeds bill has been introduced to enhance seed ..


What are the data captured in the Livestock census? What are the findings of the recent livestock census report?

The Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying has released the results of the latest livestock census which provides headcount data of domesticated animals in the country. India has been conducting livestock censuses periodically since 1919-20. This ..

What are the features of the DBT scheme introduced for the fertilizers? How it is different from the earlier subsidy transfer scheme?

To ensure better targeting and to eliminate leakages and corruption, the Department of Fertilizers had introduced a new model of the Direct benefit transfer (DBT) Scheme. As per the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme for Fertilizers: ..