Mains-65: Different Types of Irrigation and Irrigation Systems

Why is the problem of water-logging is still bringing havoc to the cities in Punjab?

The cities in Punjab have experienced rapid urbanisation marked by unplanned and rampant new constructions. This huge growth of concrete jungles cut into the green pockets which used to soak the rainwater. Also, the main ..

Kaleshwaram Multipurpose Lift Irrigation Project is the world�s largest irrigation and drinking water system. This has been possible because Telangana is located around 300-650 m above MSL. Comment.

The Kaleshwaram Project has been built for drinking and irrigation to nearly 45 lakh acres in about 31 districts of Telangana. The expected cost of the projects is slated to go up to Rs. 1 ..

"Surface Irrigation is often associated with several issues undermining productivity and environmental sustainability."Explain.

Surface irrigation is a simple and effective method of irrigation but it should be used under correct management practices only. The key issues created by unwise practice of surface irrigation may result in problems such ..


The British Colonial rule systematically broke the traditional system of community management of irrigation tanks in various parts of India. While taking Madras Compulsory Labor Act of 1858 as an example, discuss why the practices such as Kudimaramath did not flourish despite of state legislations.

Since ancient times, water management In India had been in the hands of local communities. Prior to Britishers, water management in South India was done through a system called “Kudimaramath” which means self-repair(maintenance by contributed ..

Can artificial recharge of the ground water solve India's ground water crisis? To what extent? Discuss while enumerating various methods of artificially recharging the Ground Water.

Artificial recharge of the groundwater can solve the issue substantially but not completely because of very high rate of groundwater exploitation. This method can solve the crisis  in two types of the areas. Areas with ..