Mains-64: Major Crops & Cropping Patterns in Various Parts of India

What are major reasons for declining rice and wheat yield in the cropping system? How crop diversification is helpful to stabilize the yield of crops in the system?

There has been a paradigm shift in India's economic conditions and cropping patterns in last few decades. Critically discuss why there is an upward trend in horticulture production while downward trend in food grains production? Is it an opportunity or threat?

For the last few years, the horticultutual production in the country has outstripped the food grains output. Currently, horticulture is contributing over one third fraction of India’s agriculture production. This marks a major structural change going on in Indian agriculture. There are several reasons to this trend. Firstly, Production of horticulture crops is more resilient ..

Discuss the comparative trends in horticulture production vis-i-vis food grains production in India in recent years. Do these trends indicate rise (of fall) in income of cultivators? Discuss.

As per advance estimates of the agriculture ministry, horticulture production in 2016-17 is estimated at a record 300 MT which is 4.8% higher than the previous year. During the same period, the food production rose from 251MT to 275 MT. Therefore the horticulture production is more than food production. This trend is continuing since 2012-13. ..


In recent years, production of fruits and vegetables has overtaken the food grain production in India. While highlighting its growth drivers, discuss the comparative advantage enjoyed by horticulture sector vis-à-vis food grains cultivation in the country.

Agriculture employs around 49 per cent of India’s population. However, agriculture has seen slow pace in recent times. In the year 2014-15 agriculture grew only at the rate of 1.1 per cent. When we compare Horticulture which includes fruits and vegetables to food grain production, it is considered to be Indian farming’s bright spot. There ..

What is BGREI Programme? Evaluate its role in Indian agriculture in recent times.

Hint: Bringing Green Revolution in Eastern India (BGREI). Focuses to increase production of crops particularly rice in Eastern India and on developing infrastructure relating to water, power, marketing, storage and rural connectivity in Eastern and North Eastern regions of the country to support sustainable agricultural production. It has resulted in increased production as per government ..