Mains-63: Government Budgeting

Discuss the options explored by the government to recoup loss from the proposed corporate tax cuts

The reduction in corporate tax rates proposed by the Ministry of Finance is set to cost Rs 1.45 lakh crore annually. In order to compensate for revenue loss due to the proposed corporate tax rate cuts, the Ministry of Finance is working on a three-pronged strategy: Fast-Track Monetisation of idle state-owned land. Strategic stake sale in key ..

The government should use the cess proceeds and publish an annual account of how they have been spent. Examine.

The season of filing tax returns enumerates the accountability of the private sector towards the government. The season also brings to light the sense of accounting and accountability for the citizens. Thus, the same principles need to be applied to the working of the government. A specific area of social accounting of the education cess ..

The Economic Survey 2017-18 discusses about the so called "son meta-preference"prevailing among Indian parents. Throw light on the positive and negative implications of such phenomenon on demography.

The Economic Survey 2017-18 refers to tendencies among Indian parents who are opting to continue having children until they have a son or desired number of son. This so called “son meta preference”. Positive Implications Gender ratio: The survey finds that there is decreased tendency of opting for sex selective abortion. This has contributed for ..


Critically discuss the significance of the Economic Survey findings on sex ratio of the last child (SRLC) and so called "son meta preference"and "unwanted girls"in India.

The preference for sons and strict legal enforcement of PCPNDT act has led the parents to continue having children until they have a son or desired number of son. This so called “son meta preference” has avoided sex-selective abortion, but has hurt the female children by reducing resources available to them. The consequence is that ..

One of the intended objectives of the Union Budget 2017-18 is to "transform, energise and clean India". Analyze measures proposed in the Budget 2017-18 to achieve the objective.