Mains-61: Issues Related to Unemployment

"Poverty and unemployment are inseparable twins". An effective anti-poverty programme should aim at solving the unemployment problem. Elucidate

Poverty and unemployment are inseparable twins because unemployment leads to lack of a regular income, which in turn leads to the inability for a person to be able to maintain the basic needs, such as eating healthy foods, buying into health care and providing adequate shelter and lack of education. All these factors contribute to ..

What do you mean by 'disguised unemployment'? Do you think that it can be used as a source of capital formation? Examine its limitations.

Model Answer: A disguisedly unemployed person is the one who seems to be employed but actually he is not. His contribution to the total output is zero or negligible. When more people are engaged in a job than actually required, a state of disguised unemployment is created. It is mostly seen in rural areas, especially ..